Irene Manion

Textiles  Watercolour  Photography

Irene Manion works in a range of  media including textiles, photography, watercolour and digital graphics.

Textile techniques used include dye-sublimation printing, machine and hand embroidery and appliqué on various surfaces including perspex.






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My medium of choice is textiles.  The versatility of this medium is perfectly suited to the expression of my ideas. Initially my work was entirely in the batik technique which was employed to explore the NSW Blue Mountains landscape.  Over time, my interests and knowledge of textile media have evolved and currently machine and hand embroidery and surface embellishment dominate my work.


Photography, watercolour and ink paintings, and drawings are generally used as the starting point for my textile pieces.


Editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are then employed to manipulate images. The final images are invariably dye-sublimated onto fabric. The 'printed' fabric is then further embroidered. I have evolved a personal technique of stitching long stitches using a sewing machine. These long stitches reflect light to create 3-dimensional form and give luminosity to the subject matter. Experimentation with progressively longer stitches on increasingly transparent surfaces including perspex is a more recent preoccupation.


Birds and the landscape appear regularly in my subject matter. While I generally attempt to convey the spirit or essence of the bird in an increasingly loose style in my watercolours, the bird can take on new meanings in the textile pieces. They may represent intimate personal, social themes relating to family and friends. They can simultaneously refer to transience or be a metaphor for the fragility of the environment. Insects may also feature in my imagery.


I have been a secondary Visual Arts teacher and head teacher for a considerable number of years, teaching Visual Arts to all age levels and also teaching photography and video production.




Selected Exhibitions

2022 5th Annual Birds of a Fiber selective exhibition, Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum, La Conner, Washington. US.Jan 26th - Feb 27th 2022

2021 The Value of Hands Online exhibition of the Society of Arts and Crafts NSW (Craftnsw) Group exhibition.8th -31st October 2021

2020 Seedstich Contemporary Textile Awards at the Australian Design Centre. Selective Exhibition. 19 October - 17 November 2020

2020 Evening Birdsong at Purple Noon Gallery. 13th June to 19th July 2020. Alongside Sidestepping Spinifex with Ellen King.

2020 Australian Textile Art Awards finalist. Victorian Embroiderers Guild. Online exhibition due to Covid 19.

2019 I DREAM OF A WORLD WHERE LOVE IS THE ANSWER Curator: Mo Orkiszewski, local and international contributing artists. Artsite Gallery, 2-24th March

2018 SHELLS Barometer Gallery 3rd -20th October 2018

2018 Inked Wings Purple Noon Gallery 24th February - 8th April 2018

2017 Featured artist at Colac CrossXpollinatioN annual exhibition at COPACC displayinork on the theme of Flight.

2017 Deconstructed Barometer Gallery, Group exhibition of five artists working in contemporary textiles.

2014 Shadows Barometer Gallery, Group exhibition of five artists.

2012 Fibrefour Barometer Gallery. Group exhibition of four artists working in textiles.

2011 Birds in Stitches Cornell Lab of Ornithology Visitor Centre, Ithaca NY, Curator Eva M Copabianca

2011 Transformations Fairfield City Museum and Gallery. Curator Helen Lancaster

2009 A Conversation with Rain Fairfield City Museum and Gallery Curator Helen Lancaster

2006 WOW Awards Wellington NZ Finalist.

2007 …and there was a Golden Glow Fairfield City Museum and Gallery Curator Helen Lancaster

2004 Colour of Night Fairfield City Museum and Gallery Curator Helen Lancaster

1993 Decoration and Diversity Craftspace Gallery

1992 The 10th Tamworth Fibre/Textile Biennial (selective exhibition).

1992- Lithuanian Society Biennial Exhibition, Bankstown Civic Centre.

1989- Contemporary Australian Batik Exhibition. Work selected for Exhibition which toured S.E. Asia and was organised by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

1988 - Australian Craft Display at World Expo. '88

1983 - Solo Exhibition of Batik The Dotted Line Lewers Bequest and Penrith Regional Gallery.




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